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Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

AC&MS offer Asbestos Air Monitoring and 4 Stage Clearances to ensure Licensed Asbestos removal Contractors works are completed to the highest standard and in line with Asbestos Removal Regulation HSG 247.

AC&MS are UKAS Accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) for

  1. Four Stage Clearances (certificate of Re Occupation)
  2. Reassurance air testing
  3. Personnel Air testing
  4. Background Air testing
  5. Leakage Air testing

Our team of asbestos analysts all hold the recognised BOHS Proficiency modules P403 “Asbestos Fibre Counting” and P404 “Air Sampling of Asbestos & MMMF and requirements for Certificate of Re Occupation” and follow strict HSE guidance including HSG 248 Asbestos : The Analyst Guide for Sampling, Analysis and Clearance Procedures and in – House Procedures.

All Asbestos air sampling including four Stage Clearance works are produced and completed on site within a mobile laboratory with certification given on completion.

AC&MS offer a 24 hour emergency callout service to ensure we meet every client need.

We are participants in Regular Inter- Laboratory Counting Exchange (RICE) Proficiency Scheme administered by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL)

Other Asbestos Services

We can help you with all situations involving Asbestos, whether you need Advice, a Survey, Testing & Analysis or Asbestos removal.

Asbestos Analysis

All AC&MS Laboratory staff are trained to the national recognised BOHS proficiency module P401 and have a wealth of experience dealing with all types of asbestos and non asbestos samples.

Asbestos Removal

AC&MS Ltd have a dedicated asbestos removal management team who are fully qualified in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos by the BOHS.

Lead Testing

Continued and excessive exposure to lead can affect multiple body systems such the kidney and brain, in addition it can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Lead poisoning is particularly harmful to young children.

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